Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur

In 2005 a tin box was pulled from above a fireplace in a dilapidated cottage in County Waterford on the south coast of Ireland. Unlocked, but sealed by dusty time, the builder opened it with a chisel. Treasures lay in the yellowing pages of handwritten notes and drawings. Journal, ideas pad &sketch book, each notebook’s thin leaves revealed more of Tom Muldoon. Among the notes on remedies was a recipe for sweet whiskey. The written comments claimed the curative powers of Irish whiskey elevated with wild hazelnuts and toffee. Sometime later, with the recipe intact & a small barrel, a fun experiment was performed, buried and largely forgotten about until summer 2011. On opening the cask a new taste was discovered and realising how good it was, those involved abandoned everything to create Muldoon!